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Thursday, July 23, 1992

Halloween Manifesto

Halloween Manifesto
Every year more than a few pranks are perpetrated by anonymous ghosts and goblins at the expense of straight society. For one night a year business is suspended and children rule the streets. A few pathetic attempts are made to preserve “law and order”, but it cannot be preserved. It is doubtful that it existed to begin with. Halloween is the shadowy specter of the unconscious haunting the dreams of pious Christian parents. It is a glimpse of the truth: that your kids are not miniature versions of yourself. They have not yet forgotten the joy of chaotic play. They have not yet lost the ability to imagine something better than ordered subdivisions and the banality of school and work. Some of them will never forget.
On Halloween more than any other night you look at your children in fear because they are not masquerading as pirates, witches and evil spirits. They are the mask; your worst fears. Unruly, uncontrollable, spirits of chaos. Every year straight society goes into damage control mode, trying desperately to contain the festival to one night. But it is not just caffeine and sugar that your children want. It is absolute freedom… and revenge. Revenge against a society determined to domesticate them and to force them into a function that merely serves to replicate itself and society. Revenge against schools that kill imagination and critical thought. That teach regurgitation of so-called facts and submission to authority. Revenge against parents and teachers; against adults in general. The great oppressor. And against automobiles; the great child killer. Straight society dreams fevered nightmares about feral children raised by wolves. Their own children turned against them. They try to concentrate those fears into one night, but it spills out every day. Halloween isn’t the only night teachers cars get egged. Parents see reports on TV about youth riots in France. Beneath the racism is the subconscious knowledge that France is not so far off. No neighborhood is ever as far away from youth rebellion as they would like.
Every night should be Halloween! Undisciplined, unruly, unstoppable. Reviled by the press, feared by parents and teachers, and owners of SUVs and chain stores. School is cancelled tomorrow. On account of real life. No school, no jobs, no curfew. A never-never land of forever-ever. Now, for real! Fuck School! Fuck their oppressive order and their no-future! We say yes! An ecstatic yes to life! Fuck off to their death culture: work and wars and chain stores and concrete. Halloween belongs to Eris, goddess of discord and strife, as it belongs to every child who ever threw a rotten egg or played hooky. On Halloween every child is Eris, if they want it. Everyday is Halloween. Your parents can smell it in the air. Even over the rotten eggs and the fear. Jack-o-lantern, the original merry prankster, the original shit disturber rides again. And again and again.
We bring you this message: You are not alone. You avatars of Eris, of Bacchus and Pan, of Shiva and Kali. We have not forgotten what it is to be alive. We Knights of Eris, guardians of the sacred Chao, horsemen(sic) of the golden apple, harbingers of chaos and destruction, stand with you. We dream of unlimited freedom, ruined cities, and impenetrable forests. We dream of a world without authority, without school, without work. Only joy as radiant as a golden apple. Of a wildness with no bounds.
In Pandemonium,
Knights of Eris 2006


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