No Quarter: an Anarchist Zine about Pirates

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Anarchy AJODA Review

There was a review in the second most recent issue of Anarchy. I haven't typed it out yet, not because it is a negative revie (and it is quite negative) but because it is very long. Hopefully soon. If anyone has seen a review anywhere other than HeartattaCk or Anarchy let me know!

Thursday, August 05, 1999

From HeartattaCk #50

No Quarter 7x8.5 $3 44pgs
This ‘zine relates current day anarchists and rebels to pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries, while including great illustrations from the time and also with interviews with current day rebels and anarchists. The ‘zine has 2 interviews, the first with Ramsey (of AK Press) and Bruno (the founder of Nabat books) and the second with Emily Pohl-Weary (a writer of stories and comics inspired by rebel pirates). Both interviews are an entertaining read. My favorite part of the ‘zine includes a photocopied pamphlet of the history of the life of Captain Mission (titled “A True Historie & Account Of The Pyrate Captain Mission, His Crew & Their Colony of Libertatia… Retold by Larry Law”). He was a pirate who supposedly set up a colony called Libertatia, which was the first anarchist-like colony in pirate times. The story of his life is really interesting and quite enjoyable. The rest of the zine contains in depth reviews of books the author has read, so indepth that some are the equivalent of a book report. The interviews are interesting, and the book reviews are good, but the main enjoyment that I got from this ‘zine was the pamphlet. It’s really good read about the first and possibly only, radical pirates of the 18th century, and that alone makes this ‘zine worth reading. Though one might argue that you could just get the pamphlet and scrap the ‘zine, but I like the ‘zine for what it is, and it does offer some content worth reading, as well as some great artwork from the old days of “Arr matey! Swab the poop-deck,” and whatnot. I dig this ‘zine a lot!
-Dave Johnson

Plus it was on the Zine recommendations from the issue along with Doris #23, I Hate This Part of Texas #5, Indestructable, You Idiot #4, Fat is Beautiful, Morgenmuffel #14, Mishap #20, and Energy Dome #1