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Monday, October 23, 2006

From Idle Hands the Devil's Work: OUT NOW!!!!!

Its finally out! From Idle Hands The Devil’s Work: Radical Interpretations of Halloween. The official release date was Monday October 16th, 2006. I had them at the Regulations show. A few people bought them. The first printing at least is on nice Halloween orange covers. 32 pp, half legal. Stuff about the history of Halloween, costumes, dressing up and revolution, interviews with Hannah of Ax Wound, a feminist horror film zine, and Randy, one of the people who does Radio Free School, a radio show on CFMU in Hamilton about unschooling/free schooling. It has vegan Halloween treats and a Halloween manifesto from the Knights of Eris and another Halloween Manifest from the ASSOCIATION FOR ONTOLOGICAL ANARCHY. In other words, it’s a stacked issue and you should get it. If you live outside of Calgary email me for details:
captainmissionismycopilot [AT]hotmail [dot]com
If you live in Calgary its available from me (email me for details if you need to) and hopefully it will be available from Haymarket café/books. They carry No Quarter and are rad folks.

I've posted a couple things from the zine here. Hope you like.


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