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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Horror Movie choices

After you’re done trick or treating (some emphasize the treat, some the trick) this year you might want to settle down and watch a horror movie. Here are some suggestions:

In her interview Hanna (of Ax Wound zine) mentioned Ginger Snaps, May, Nightmare on Elm Street, Slumber Party Massacre, I Spit on Your Grave (with caution due to tough rapes scenes), Dead Alive, Re-animator, Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.

On the H. P. Lovecraft tip (in addition to Re-animator) definitely check out Call of Cthulhu, which is a faux silent film (or more accurately a modern silent film made to look like a classic silent film. I recently re-watched In The Mouth of Madness, which holds up pretty well I think. I have yet to watch several recent adaptations: Beyond the Wall of Sleep, Dreams from the Witches House (directed by Stuart Gordon, who directed the excellent Re-animator, the ok From Beyond, and the terrible Dagon), and Cool Air. Cool Air is a selection from the annual H. P. Lovecraft film festival and seems very interesting.
Or if you are feeling a little more on the brain eating side of things please watch Dellamore Dellamorte (aka Cemetary Man). In case you ever wondered what film Winnipeg hc band Malefaction was sampling on that one album… I forget what it was called. The one with the pentagram and no jewel case. Of course Dawn of the Dead (hopefully I don’t need to say this but, the original). Zombi 2/Zombie is pretty good Halloween watching fare. I recently watched Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love and thought it was excellent. If you are more in a hopping zombie mood check out Mr. Vampire (or any of the sequals). Plague of the Zombies is one of the best Hammer films. There are shitloads of new zombie films out too. I have no idea if they are worth watching. Maybe I’ll check one out on Halloween night. More likely I’ll be watching Cool Air.
I also wanted to mention Charm, the long awaited film released by Kill Rock Stars. Very beautiful and interesting movie. Sort of a slasher, in an unconventional shot on Super 8 sort of way.
I also want to see Alucarda, a Mexican horror (and source of the image on the Kirsk shirt), and any of the Indian horrors of the Ramsey Brothers. I’ve been searching the DVD bins at local South Asian grocery stores to no avail so far. Mondo Macabra has also released a double feature of two of their films Purana Mandir and Band Darwaza.
I’m sure you all have your favorites too. Have a good Halloween and hand out lots of candy (or maybe make up a bunch of dvdrs of your fave horror movies and give those out to trick or treaters too. Maybe leave I Spit on Your Grave off that list).


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