No Quarter: an Anarchist Zine about Pirates

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Few Things

AK Press is sold out of No Quarter #1 (I think), but will soon have copies of #1 and #2.

No Quarter #2 got a very nice review in MRR #292 (September 2007) and was in the Zine Top Ten.

Breviary Stuff (formerly daWB>> fragmented) wrote a post about No Quarter #2. It also happens to be a very interesting blog.

There is an article about modern piracy at Pretty interesting stuff. Link.

I just got Peter Lamborn Wilson's CROSS-DRESSING IN THE ANTI-RENT WAR from Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs (here's the book). A beautiful and wonderful book of poetry about a number of interesting topics including the Calico Indians and the anti-rent war, Charles Fourier, utopian experiments in New York State, the Hudson River School (also mentioned in Kim Stanley Robinson's Sixty Days and Counting which I recently finished), and much more. If you don't like poetry but do like Peter Lamborn Wilson then I suspect you would still like this. You can also listen to him read from these poems at the Bowery Poetry Club December 17, 2005 here.