No Quarter: an Anarchist Zine about Pirates

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friends of Ann Clayborne distro list

Here is the list of what I have for my distro that I'm bringing to Edmonton for the Anarchist bookfair. I'm also going to brings some of my personal books that I'm getting rid of. If you are going to be at the Edmonton bookfair and want me to bring you something from the list then email me:
captainmissionismycopilot [AT] hotmail [dot} com

Jacques Baynac - The Story of Tatiana (Black & Red) $9
Fredy Perlman - Worker-Student Action Committees: France,May ’68 (Black & Red) $5
John Zerzan & J. Munis - Unions Against Revolution (Black & Red) $2.50
Fredy Perlman - The Strait (Black & Red) $10
Fredy Perlman - The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism (Black & Red) $3
Fredy Perlman - Against His-story, Against Leviathan! (Black & Red) $8
Jacques Camatte - The Wandering of Humanity (Black & Red) $2.50
Fredy Perlman - Anti-Semitism and the Beirut Pogrom (Black & Red) $1.50
Fredy Perlman - Reproduction of Daily Life (Black & Red) $2
Loraine PerlmanHaving Little Having Much (Black & Red) $6
Henri Simon - Poland 1980-82 (Black & Red) $5
David Watson - Beyond Bookchin (Black & Red) $7
Wildcat! Dodge Truck (Black & Red) $2.50
Taylor Sparrow - A Problem of Memory: Stories to End the Racial Nightmare (Eberhardt Press) $10
Catherine Marie Jeunet - Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom: Herbal Abortion Procedure and Practice for Midwives and Herbalists (Eberhardt Press) $4
At Daggers Drawn (Eberhardt Press) $4
A Crime Called Freedom: Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. I (Eberhardt Press) $6
Shon Meckfessel - SUFFLED HOW IT GUSH: A North American Anarchist in the Balkans (Eberhardt Press) $12
Criminal: Writings by Isabelle Eberhardt (Eberhardt Press) $4
Fredy Perlman - Progress and Nuclear Power: The Destruction of the Continent and Its Peoples (Eberhardt Press) $1
Fire To The Powder Keg: War And Social Guerilla War in Iraq (Eberhardt Press) $6
Communicating Vessels #16 $3
Communicating Vessels #17 $3
Communicating Vessels #18 $3
Communicating Vessels Anthology $10
No Quarter #1 $2
No Quarter #2 $3
Stuart Christie – Granny Made Me an Anarchist (Scribner) $10
Green Anarchy #23 $4
Green Anarchy #24 $4
It’s Not Books, Nor High Marks. What We Lack is Life: 2 Documents From the 1998 Student-Teacher Tumult in Greece $1
An Introduction To The Situationists $1
Towards the Distruction of Schooling $1
Feral Forager $1
Species Traitor #3 $3
Memories of Freedom by the Western Wildlife Unit of the Animal Liberation Front $3
We Are All Hooligans: Youth Revolt in France, March 1994 $2
Albania: Laboratory of Subversion $2
The Rebellion In Los Angeles: The Context of a Proletarian Uprising $1
The Anarchist Tension $1
Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon $2
At Daggers Drawn $2
Fawda: On The Situation in Palestine $1
The Insurrectional Project $2
Armed Joy $1
The Undesirables $1
Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention $1
Insurrectionary Anarchy: Organizing to Attack $0.25
Dreams of Insurrection $0.25

Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm selling books, cds, records etc

This blog is mostly about my zines, but the next best thing to my zines is buying books from me!
Here is the link. Of course, it pretty much only applies if you live in Calgary (or Edmonton if you contact me before October 26th and come to the Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair to pick them up) because I'm probably not going to ship them to you (although you could ask I guess). They are good books at good prices. Please check it out.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pirates, Witches & Smugglers

October 27th - November 4th is Radical History week in Bristol, put on by the Bristol Radical History Group. Oh how I wish I was going! Speakers include Marcus Rediker, Stephen Snelders (author of The Devil's Anarchy: The Other Loose Roving Way of Life & Very Remarkable Travels of Jan Erasmus Reyning, Buccaneer, on Autonomedia, which is excellent), and Sylvia Federici (author of Caliban and the Witch: Women, The Body, and Primitive Accumulation, also on Autonomedia, as well as several other interesting looking books). There are a bunch of other speakers who I'm not familiar with but who have very interesting seeming topics (As I alluded to in the title of this post the theme is Pirates, Witches & Smugglers). Should be amazingly rad.

Instead of Bristol I will be in Canada, up at the Edmonton Anarchist book fair. I'll have a bunch of excellent distro items which I'll post about soon. Ward Churchill is speaking at the fair, which is exciting too.

Also, a somewhat recent article about modern day piracy in the Strait of Malacca. Pretty interesting.

Also, Make Magazine has a Halloween Special out. Not radical in any way really, but DIY in a very you-need-skills-to-do-this-shit way, but still lots of pretty fun Halloween stuff that is not focused on buying costumes or pre-fab decorations.

Also, through Scarstuff (which I posted about before) I found Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhggg!!! which has been posting some interesting Halloween records and related material.