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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Works of James Naylor

One of the most fascinating figures of the English Revolution was James Naylor. He is perhaps best remembered for his ride into Bristol in 1656 emulating Jesus' ride into Jerusalem. Some of Naylor's companions sang Holy Holy Holy as he rode. He was arrested, convicted of blasphemy, and nearly executed. Parliament showed mercy, and instead flogged him, branded his forehead with the letter B for blasphemy, and stuck a red hot poker through his tongue. Plus two years hard labor.
Naylor was also quite a writer and his works are getting the deluxe treatment from Quaker Heritage Press. So far three volumes have been published, with a fourth and final volume in preparation. In addition they have been so kind to put the full text of the volumes on the internet! QHP have also published the works of Naylor's contemporary Isaac Penington, as well as a lot of other interesting material, all or most of which is available online too. Thank you Quaker Heritage Press.


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