No Quarter: an Anarchist Zine about Pirates

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Quarter #4 and more

Out Now: No Quarter #4. Also No Quarter Pamphlet Series #2 : Trevor Bark - Crime Becomes Custom, Custom Becomes Crime and No Quarter Pamphlet Series #3 : Omasius Gorgut - Poor Man's Heaven, The Land of Cokaygne: A 14th Century Utopian Vision. Still available: No Quarter 1-3. If anyone really wants From Idle Hands The Devil's Work #1 I might have a couple left. No Quarter #1 & 2 are still available from AK Press too. email me if you are interested in any of the above (captainmissionismycopilot {at} @hotmail .com), although I am a little less than reliable when it comes to email. I don't currently do anything hi-tech like paypal. I often like trades. The Land of Cokaygne pamphlet may be available soon from Past Tense, and an earlier version is available from them for free download. Trevor Bark may have copies of his pamphlet and the text is here. Also, special thanks to breviary stuff, they are very nice to No Quarter and also I steal all the scans they do of the covers.


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