No Quarter: an Anarchist Zine about Pirates

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zines on the radio!!!

Obviously I don't update this very often. This is because I hate the internet. Today I was lucky enough to be able to go on Robbie's show on CJSW, the Hinterland, and discuss my music zines and play some music. I also gave out this web page, so in case someone checks it out, here is a new post. Email me about my zines if you want: captainmissionismycopilot [at[ hotmail

The zines are:
How Did Arthur Miles Learn to Throatsing and other musical mysteries.
Eefing, Yodeling, Throat Singing & Hollerin': A Musical Miscellany.
Pishing, Hoodling, Drones & Overtones
Gutbucket Research #4

To further clarify/complicate things, starting at the end of Pishing... I retroactively decided to call the previous zines Gutbucket Research, so How Did Arthur Miles... is Gutbucket Research #1, Eefing is #2, and Pishing is #3. #4 is about whistling.
The radio show featured Throatsinging, eefing, yodeling, hollerin', hoodling (which is another name for eefing), Inuit throatsing, yoiking and whisting, but not pishing. I thought the show went pretty well.

Also, maybe I should do a post about what zines are available, because I think I put out at least 10 zines since the last post. No Quarter is only up to #7 though.

Thanks again to Robbie, and please do checkout his show if you live in Calgary and like traditional folk music of all sorts. It is great.